Skunk Country Chronicles; The Public Files... a book by Steve Hayes

Skunk Country Chronicles: The Public File

It’s now open and a matter of record!  Here’s what the public is saying...

“I thought it was against the law to publish city health violations in a book, interesting.”
Roger Compton- City Health Commissioner

“We have been giving away a free copy with all of our live burger remotes and it’s been a hot ticket baby!"
Rob Whisman- Sales Manager of Skunk Country

“Skunk Country Chronicles tells the true story of local radio and offers fishing the way it should be.”
James “Hootis” Pelakoutis- Former FCC Commissioner

“Everything about radio in this book is wrong! Had they hired me, I could have turned this rats nest around.”
Will Clarey- Will Clarey Radio Consultancy Services

“As broadcast attorney for Skunk Country, we had plenty of challenges. Thanks to all of our many experiences, it’s not only a riveting book, but I now have my condo down at Cedar Key."
Attorney Phillip Fay- Fay Broadcast Services

“Since my interview on that station I had my show cancelled and they still ain’t played my record. At least they spelled my name right in the book !”
Ella Mae Nutter- Professional Entertainer

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